Lily German, Pietro Librizzi, Will Narby, Amy Steel

SOHO takeover gallery | 48 Poland St, W1F 7ND | 18-20 October 2017


 “Renzo was walking so I approached him, eager to share a dream I had about his work. I told him that I had seen the tip of the Shard, filled with earth and buried inside it; a bottle cap was. I imagined lying the Shard down across the river, like a bridge and calculating its length in order to find out where the tip of it would land. Once I found the location on a map, I decided to walk there. When I got there I started to dig, to my surprise I found a bottle cap buried in the ground exactly. When I finished, Piano smiled and invited me into his house"





will try to love you all

solo exhibition

LARA | unit 28 penarth centre | 30 penarth street SE15 1TR | 14-16 June 2017







group exhibition

the Benevolent Association of Excellent Solutions | 8 Kingfisher square SE8 | 6-9 April 2017



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trio exhibition with Liam Hughes and Yuki Nishimura

the Deptford Project | 1 Octavius Street SE8 London | 18-20 November 2016






Canning Time - part of Art Licks Weekend 2016

group exhibition - curated by TheLivingRoom

El Cheap’Ou discount store | 75 Deptford High Street, London | 1-2 October 2016


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Stuff at Large

theatrical group exhibition

LIMBO LIMBO, unit 5 Latona Road SE15 London | 10-18 March 2016


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group exhibition

Hilly Fields park SE4 London | 20 September 2015


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Spaces, Contexts, Habitats

group exhibition

Palazzo Biscari, Catania, Sicily | 30-04 June/July 2015





Umanità e Passaggio – dialogo tra fotografie stitiche

(Umanity and Passage – dialogue between constipated photographies)

duo exhibition with Giorgio Ferruzza

Palazzo Pottino, Petralia Soprana (PA), Sicily | 08-17 August 2014






A possibility – group exhibition

Faircharm Creekside, Deptford | 6 February 2014